Simple, Effective
Cold Therapy

Get More From Your Body

With Freeze Sleeve’s 360° of cold compression therapy, you can bounce back faster and push yourself further, sooner. Simply slide it on after your workout and go about your day.



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Cameron Adams


“I have been dancing and singing on Broadway for the last 20 years and the schedule is incredibly demanding and hard on the body. My freezer is full of Freeze Sleeves and my legs and feet are very thankful!”

Nicole Costanza


“Freeze Sleeves provide cold therapy equally to the entire area around major joints, while relieving inflammation. It allows me to stay active, instead of having to sit on my couch for 20 minutes with my ice pad!”

Andy Rodriguez


“Bodybuilding takes its toll on your muscles and joints, and Freeze Sleeve helps me recover quickly! Very pleased.”

Dana Fath

“I love my Freeze Sleeve! I use it all the time for my tennis elbow. It’s so convenient to slip it on and not mess with ice or wet towels. Highly recommended!”